If you do not receive a tax statement before November 1st of each year, contact the Brazoria County Tax Office and request a statement to be mailed. However, failure to receive a tax notice does not affect the validity of the tax, penalty, interest, the due date, the existence of a tax lien, or any procedure instituted to collect a tax (SEC 31.01(g) Texas Property Tax Code). It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure that the correct name and address is listed for each property owned.

To request a bill, please call the Brazoria County Tax Office at (979) 864-1320 or email taxoffice@brazoriacountytx.gov.

Taxes are due upon receipt. Penalties and interest begin to accrue on February 1st . Payments are posted according to the US Post Office postmark. If payment is mailed in late January, please be sure to have the envelope postmarked by the Post Office no later than January 31st.

Your tax statement is based on the appraised value less any exemptions and tax rates adopted by the different taxing entities on your bill including a city, school, hospital district, drainage district, etc. 

Contact the Brazoria County Appraisal District at (979) 849-7792 or help@brazoriacad.org for assistance with any exemption qualification questions.

Split payment optionPay taxes in two equal installments with no penalty and interest. 

To qualify, you must pay the first half by November 30 and mark the payment as "Split Payment" on the tax statement coupon. 

The second half is due by June 30 of the following year.

Quarter payment option - Pay taxes in four equal installments. 

In order to qualify for this option, the property (1) must be your residence homestead, and must have (2) an Over 65 Exemption; (3) a Disability Exemption or (4) be a qualified homeowner or qualified business whose property was damaged in a disaster area. 

Payments are due January 31, March 31, May 31 and July 31.

Mark the payment as "Quarter Payment" on the tax statement coupon.

Partial payments in any amount are accepted, however, any remaining balance not paid by January 31st will accrue 7% penalties and interest.

In person: Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier Checks, American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard.

Certified payments online or by phone: E-Check, American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard.

E-Check payments are accepted free of charge.

Convenience Fee of up to 2.15% will be charged for all credit card payments by the vendor providing this service. The fee covers the cost of making payments by credit card possible. The fee will appear as a charge to 'Certified Payments'. No part of this fee is retained by Brazoria County.

Anyone can pay property taxes. However, paying the taxes does not make you the owner. It is considered a voluntary payment.

You may apply for a tax deferral affidavit through the Brazoria County Appraisal District.  You will only accrue 5% of interest per year if you are not able to pay in full. This will stop any suits being filed as long as the deferral is in place.

To discuss or apply for a deferral, please contact the Brazoria County Appraisal District at (979) 849-7792 or email help@brazoriacad.org.

For information regarding tax rates and tax bills, contact the Brazoria County Tax Office at (979) 864-1320 or taxoffice@brazoriacountytx.gov.

For information on values, exemptions, owner name and address changes are maintained by the Brazoria County Appraisal District (BCAD).  Should you have any questions regarding any of these, please contact BCAD at (979) 849-7792 or email help@brazoriacad.org.